Shared space at Howbery works out for physio-fitness duo

Having recently moved into a dedicated space in the Innovation Centre at Howbery Business Park, physiotherapist Amanda Watt and fitness trainer Mark Thouless are finding it easy to collaborate.

Working in adjoining rooms, under the umbrella of Full Circle Fitness, makes it really simple for them to cross-refer clients and consult on progress. For clients who have received physio from Amanda, Mark can offer the follow-on step of getting back to fitness. He is qualified as a corrective exercise specialist, while Amanda is a well-established musculoskeletal specialist.

While this is the first time Mark and Amanda have set up in their own space on the park, they are familiar faces here already and first got to know each other here. Mark worked for Lifestyles Gym, from when it started in 2011, while Amanda worked out of the gym as a physio for five years.

“I was ready to branch out on my own and have my own premises,” explains Mark. “Sharing with Amanda makes this cost-effective, as well as the collaborating advantages. In addition to offering rehab support, I also work with clients who are aiming for other fitness goals, such as running a marathon. Usually this is on an individual basis, which really suits people who prefer not to exercise with others. In the past, I’ve also run group fitness classes at lunchtime with small groups from companies who are based on the park.”

“It’s good to be sharing with Mark, and it’s exciting to have my own space, as I’ve always worked out of other companies’ premises previously,” adds Amanda. “Howbery is a beautiful place to be based, plus parking is good, and it’s easy to find. We’ve got Full Circle Fitness stickers on the window to make it easy to spot us on the park.”

To get in touch with Mark, email [email protected], and to contact Amanda email [email protected]