Scorching Solar Success

As temperatures soar in July, Howbery Business Park, the UK’s first solar-powered business park, reveals the park was completely powered for 13 days in June, despite a mixed month of cool winds, rain and a hint of sunshine in the middle.

During this time, 106,480kWh of energy was produced, preventing the equivalent of 57.9 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted and 19,760kWh of energy was fed back to the National Grid.

The park’s 3,000 ground-mounted solar panels were installed in June 2011, and have fed more than 175,000kWh to the National Grid to date with preventing nearly 1000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted overall.

“Harnessing solar energy to power Howbery Business Park continues to be a highly effective and affordable energy solution,” comments John Ormston, Chief Executive, Howbery Business Park. “Clean energy is the way of the future and we’re delighted to be pioneering a responsible approach to powering modern business parks. Having achieved 100% solar energy for nearly half of June, July’s forecast days is fantatstic news for our tenants and for the environment. Let’s hope they have got it right!”

Howbery Business Park commissioned the efficient ground-mounted solar array in 2011 in line with its plan to become one of the Thames Valley’s most sustainable business parks. The system provides 748kW of electricity at peak output, and powers a third of the park on an average day. Energy usage on site is rigorously monitored and efficient use of the solar array is central to achieving the park’s carbon reduction targets.

Howbery’s commitment to innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency measures has been welcomed by its tenants, which include the Environment Agency and HR Wallingford, and is visibly attracting new companies to the park. Back in 2012, Howbery Business Park announced that its solar park had generated 730,000kWh of energy in its first 12 months and by it’s second anniversary, 24th June produced over 1.5 million kWh.

Howbery Business Park is the UK’s first solar-powered business park and prides itself on taking a forward-thinking approach to creating a contemporary working environment, while ensuring the park’s success remains uncompromised by the recession.