Mumpreneur sets up own business in search of better work-life balance

Becoming self-employed is becoming a more popular choice for many women who are finding that it can give them control over how and when they work, allowing them to manage work and home-life to best suit them and their families.

Entrepreneur and mum of two, Rosie Cooke, created her own lead generation business in Wallingford after becoming disenchanted with the lack of flexible working opportunities open to her as an employee, as she returned to the work market following maternity leave.

“To begin with, I started the company as a service under the umbrella of Element-C, my husband, John’s consulting business,” says Rosie, “but it has since expanded to a size where it can stand on its own two feet, with its own identity, and a new name to be able to reflect what the business actually does!”

Rosie now runs OnPoint Research with a team of four, which she has organised so that everyone she employs is also able to benefit from working on a flexible basis of around 15-20 hours a week.

“Most companies recognise the value of LinkedIn but simply don’t have the time or resources to really exploit it”, says Rosie. “This is where OnPoint Research comes in. We have developed our own process to help businesses such as a membership organisation and an interior design company to generate opportunities they might otherwise be missing out on.”

Rosie’s top tip for others setting up their own business is to consult a Business Coach which she says she has found invaluable in helping her to nurture and develop her business. “When you have a relatively new and growing business, seeking out the advice of a Business Coach can make a huge difference. Even a couple of hours a month can help you to identify and follow up on goals, and really contribute to the success of your fledgling business.”

Donna Bowles, Estates Manager for Howbery Business Park, said: “It’s great to see Rosie’s business developing so well from her base in The Stables. We put a lot of effort into supporting a good work-life balance at Howbery Park, and we encourage this through the activities we hold from seasonal workshops, to bee-keeping sessions, to sports activities, or the use of our park allotments. Together with our landscaped parkland and River Thames frontage, we aim to offer something just that little bit different to the average business park.”