Howbery Park coaching specialists launch new book

Coaching, mentoring and facilitation specialists, Scrum and Kanban Ltd, the new kids on the block in the Innovation Centre at Howbery Business Park, have produced a new book to help demystify a popular project management approach.

Having worked on implementing various lean tools designed to improve processes across various tech-based companies, David Lowe set up Scrum and Kanban Ltd in 2014 to put his knowledge to work as a Coach and Trainer, delivering bespoke services specialising in Scrum, Kanban, Lean and Agile.

Scrum and Kanban’s clients now range from start-ups to multinationals, and from individuals to global corporations. As well as coaching a range of individuals, recent engagements have included helping an NHS Hospital Trust, Ford Motor Company and the UK Government.

David has co-authored the new book, which has just been released on Amazon, with James Wyllie and Jiten Vara. ‘Scrum.101’ contains answers to the 101 most frequently asked questions about the Scrum framework.

David says: “Essentially what we do for companies is work with them to help their teams improve their processes and collaborate better on complex products or projects. For example, to enable them to deliver the right products to their clients while keeping lead times short. Scrum and Kanban are two of the more popular approaches we use, but each coaching project is unique and has to be focused on the client’s specific needs and goals.”

While individual coaching is provided at the Howbery Park office, most of the training is delivered through short talks, two-day immersive workshops or boot camps across the South East of England.

“Our training is definitely not death by PowerPoint,” explains David. “It is very interactive as we believe in learning through practical application. For example, we developed a workshop game called ‘Iterative Incremental Big Bang’, which is also available on Amazon. The game encourages people to think about alternative approaches for tackling projects. But, rather than discuss routine work-like scenarios, we ask you to decide on an approach for everyday scenarios like converting your loft, cooking Sunday lunch or even building a nuclear submarine!”

Donna Bowles, Estates Manager for Howbery Business Park, says: “Scrum and Kanban makes a great addition to our Innovation Centre. I know that David is planning to run a Scrum-focused workshop here for other park tenants, so we’re looking forward to finding out more about his approach to training over the next few months.”