Happy memories bring thriving card payment business to Howbery

Raj and Cindy Tanna have moved into an office on Howbery Park with their expanding young business, drawn back here by happy memories from earlier in their careers.

Raj and his business partner Ahmed Omar founded Cashflow Advance two years ago to help customers access working capital via a merchant cash advance product. As their business model was based around card payments, the pair then added a card payments processing review service. By seeking better deals, Raj says they can reduce their customers’ card processing costs by as much as 40%.

“We have thrived during the pandemic thanks to card payments increasing, businesses seeking to cut costs, and e-commerce companies flourishing,” said Raj. “We now have a team of seven, plus a sales network of around 70 partners, who sell our services.’

When setting up Cashflow Advance, Raj shared an office in Enfield with Ahmed. It was a taxing commute for Raj, though, so when an office became available at Howbery he was “delighted”. Cindy Tanna, Raj’s wife, who joined the company in August last year as Head of Operations, shares the office in Howbery’s Manor House with him, while Ahmed has remained in Enfield.

“Howbery is a fantastic place to be,” Raj enthused. “Donna, Mark and the team have been great at helping us settle in. We wanted to return because we liked the environment and that period of our early career. Cindy worked for CPL Executive Search here and I was at AngloInfo. I enjoyed playing for its volleyball team, and we even won the Howbery competition one year.”

Donna Bowles, Estates Manager, commented: “Having people return here makes our efforts to ensure that the park is a lovely, relaxing and supportive place to work feel worthwhile. We’re very happy to have Cindy and Raj back.”