Meet Hans – the new Nurture Landscapes face at Howbery

Look out for our new Nurture Landscapes manager Hans Heilgendorff out and about at Howbery in the coming weeks. He replaces the familiar face of Robin Sergi, who has moved within Nurture.

Hans will be at Howbery once a week, liaising with our established team of Ben and Pete who are permanently based on site. He will also be overseeing grounds maintenance at Milton Park and Harwell business parks.

Hans has a wealth of experience in horticulture and biodiversity, acquired in previous posts and through studying horticulture in Durban in South Africa 40 years ago. Plus, Hans’ specialist interests are ornithology and wildlife photography.

As part of his role with the National Biodiversity Institute in South Africa, where he worked for 23 years, Hans was the curator of the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. He has also worked for the landscape construction industry in South Africa and then in the UK, moving here four years ago to be close to family. He joined Nurture Landscapes in March. Welcome to Howbery, Hans!