Certification company charts expansion at Howbery Park

Certification company, HPi Verification Services, has expanded into larger office space at Howbery Business Park, Wallingford.  The business, which has a 20 year trading history, moved to Howbery in 2010 when its current CEO bought the Certification Services Department of AEA Technology and rebranded it as HPi VS.

The company has a licence from the European Commission to issue CE certificates for recreational boats and yachts, and for different types of pressure equipment, providing its services to clients all over the world.  Having a CE Marking on such products is required by law, but is also an essential marketing tool for manufacturers.  It enables them to demonstrate that their products conform to EU Product Directives, allowing them access to the entire European market.  Clients include Sunseeker Luxury Yachts, General Motors and Oxfordshire boat manufacturer, William Jet Tenders, based in Berinsfield.

Chief Executive, Alasdair Reay, said: “We’ve expanded year on year, with particular growth in the Far East.  We now have clients on every continent, and partnerships with inspection organisations all over the world such as the American Bureau of Shipping.  As well as growing at Howbery, we have opened a second office in Dublin this year to ensure our operations continue to run smoothly after Brexit.  We’ve also recently developed Clearwater, a ratings system for evaluating the environmental performance of boats and yachts.  This new standard is attracting a lot of interest from the boating industry, and we expect this to be another growth sector for the business.”

Donna Bowles, Howbery Park Estates Manager, said: “We’re really pleased to have been able to meet HPi VS’ needs for a larger space – this is their third move on the park over the years.  Being able to offer a variety of office layouts across our different buildings, with a mix of flexible rentals and longer term leases, means we’re able to meet the changing requirements of our tenants.”

Howbery Park’s future plans include offering large bespoke design and build office spaces.

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